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Small beginnings...

These Poems and Prayers were just created in June of 2006.  There are more to come!  Check This page Frequently. 

You are free to use any of the Clipart you like, I just ask that you post a link back to the site:  http://12stepclipart.50megs.com/.  You can do this on your "Resources" page, if necessary.  Thanks for stopping by, and God Bless!

If you click on the picture, You will get a larger view of it to save. 

How To Save:  Click on picture to make is larger, or save at the size it is.  Right click on desired picture, click on "Save Picture As" and a window will open up.  Name the picture, save it in the folder you wish.  A lot of these are .png, which gives high resolution and great pictures.  If you want to save the picture as .jpg or .gif, click on the bottom arrow and select which extension you would like it to have.  Please DO NOT LINK BACK DIRECTLY TO THIS SITE!  This is called "Steeling Bandwidth" and is Illegal. 


   Desiderata            Not The End






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